André Wall (b. 8th of October 1978 in Västerås, Sweden), is a Swedish-British singer and songwriter.

A guitarist, piano player and record-producer.

His main genres are folk rock, pop and americana.

He has performed frequently, with a backing group in Sweden, but mainly as a singer-songwriter soloartist.

He has performed acoustically, in Greenwich Village, New York. In Stockholm, Barcelona & London,  since 1999.

A.W has released 2 studio albums globally, as a soloartist.

Dream Away 2002 (2002, 2012) and Barcelona Diaries (2009) and 3 singles:

Catalan Theme (2009), Lucy (2010) and This Child (2013)

He is the founding member & composer of the critically acclaimed British folk/rock duo Invictus,

Invictus has released 3 studio albums globally.

(1 EP successfully Written&Released only for UK-Release in 2012

(In Celebration of Queen Elizabeth´s Diamond Jubilee)

”Out of the Night ”(2010), Petal Pie Song (2012) and  Love For the Dead” (2014)

He has produced and collaborated with several artists as a songwriter, co-writer and record-producer.

A.W produced his father Norman Walls´,

jazz-chanson album, ”Dreams in the Moonlight” (2013). He also contributed as composer/lyricist on the album and sang vocals together with his father on the ”americana-soundig” song

”The House Where I Was Born”.

André won the Guardian Direct Nationals as a junior in Telford 1994. The achievement gave him a scholarship at Sutton Tennis Academy, South London the same year.  Sutton Tennis Academy was a professionally structured school,  giving their students a chance to combine  studies and tennis practice, widely known for their excellent tennis&physical training-programme. The schooldays included lessions and 4 hours of tennis practice every day, divided in 2 sessions. The schooldays ending with a 40 minute physical workout.

AW studied his A-Levels at the ancient Cheam School. (Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh is a former pupil)

This combination and professional structure, motivated and was of vital importance for AW progress as a tennisplayer. He has mentioned in interviews that he was so fit during these years, that he can´t recall, ever feeling tired during a Tennismatch.


1 year later he became a professional tennis-player on the ATP-Tour and ITF-Circuit.

He played the Grand Slam tournament Wimbledon at the age of 16 in 1995, losing to Daniel Nestor, at that time ranked No 1 in the world in doubles.

This gave A.W a great experience and start on the ATP-Circuit

and he spent the next 4 years playing both Singles and Doubles on the Circuit, traveling weekly to play tournaments throughout Europe. During 1995-2001, he also played singles, for his hometown Club-Team "TK Aros”, in the National Senior Club-League, reaching "Division 1” in 1999.

He also represented his County ”Surrey” in the British National Doubles League. Playing over 100 matches, often with his older brother Christian Wall, Tennis-Pro since 1992.

André Wall is still one of the youngest tennis players ever to participate in the Mens singles in the Grand Slam tournament, Wimbledon, at the age of 16.

In 2000, AW entered new phaze of his life. After retiring from the Tennis-circuit,  he now had the plenty of time, to try and pursuit his lifelong dream. A life and career within Music.

He is self taught in all instruments. Piano, Guitar, Harmonica, Ukulele and Vocals. But  later learnt to read Notes and Sheet-music for Classical-piano, while attending The Royal Music University in Stockholm in 2001, .  AW would in later years also study Classical-Guitar and Choir-Singing, in the ”Chamber-Music Program” at Mälardalens Högskola, between 2010-2014. 

He began writing songs in 1996, as a result of learning how to play the guitar. He advanced very quickly and instantly adapted the Travis fingerpicking-style,  emphasizing the bass notes in every chord/strumming, and there by creating a richer chord sound. Soon he began to create his own melodies, with Swedish lyrics at first. It was love at first sight and in a somewhat profound way he knew, that from that day on, music-making would become his big passion and a lifelong companion.

Music became a full-time occupation, as he began his studies at

The Royal Music University, in Stockholm 2001.

The first courses were Pianobased Musictheory and Music History,  studying the developments and structures of different Genres. Given the opportunity to spend time in Stockholm. AW began to frequantly perform there, singing and playing guitar. He joined cover-bands, to make new friends and reach more contacts within the music-scene. He soon learnt that performing covers, well-prepared, always was well-recieved with the audience, while performing a set with his own songs, didn´t gain the same interest. This served as a great time for developing as a Singer-songwriter.   

An offer from a friend to help record a handfull of songs, was gratefully granted. Professionally recorded in Malmö, South of Sweden, by friend and Musician/Sound Enginer, Stefan Blixt. These recording-sessions helped AW develop his folk rock/soft-rock Sound on record. He would later write music in most Genres, but  would always return to that Sound.

Pleased of having found his ”Sound”, he  also returned home happy of now having Demog. A Cd containing 6 of his songs.

The Demo was widely shared at shows and sent to many different  Labels.

2002 began with several Gig-opportunities, and AW teamed up with Lead-Guitarist Jim Frösslund. They spent a lot of time rehearsing many songs, to create a setlist for upcoming performences, many songs got a new   

Electric guitar-driven sound. Spreading the Demo, had finally created some interest from Record Labels and AW got contacted by a few Indie Labels and EMI. They were interested to meet and AW went to Stockholm.. EMI liked the sound of the songs, but wanted to more of his songs before signing him. But told him to keep in touch, and get back when he had recorded more songs.  After a few meetingss, AW finally received an offer by an Indie Label to make an album.

The album was finished within 2 months. All went smoothly thanks to the fact that nearly all the chosen songs, already were arranged on Demos or well rehearsed with Lead-Guitar  Intros and Solos ready. Blixt of the Drum-Programming and overall Drum Sound and Frösslund played Lead-Guitar on nearly all songs. The album was named after the appealing song

”Dream Away”, and was released in the late summer of 2002.

A re-issue of the album was made 2012, With Cd&Download distribution made availiable globally once more.

”Dream Away 2002” and 1 added Track (Memories)

Little One Creations (c)&(p) and DFR.

Reviewed in Vestmanlands Läns Tidning by Anders Nyström:

 "Strong melodies accompanied with Acoustic guitars and Electric guitar riffs, creating a cosy feeling. The Sound being similar to "Dire Straits" and "Chris Rea".

In September 2002, ”Dream Away” became

"Album of the month" in Vestmanlands Läns Tidning.

During 2003 André gradually developed as a songwriter, feeling himself through different music styles, resulting in, him wanting a more generic, Celtic sound..

Late 2004, André , driven and hopeful by his romantic Celtic-driven mission, began a Solo Tour. Playing at singer-songwriter type venues and showcases, in Central Stockholm at Pubs around Medborgarplatsen, and in several "Live” Music Pubs. Touring in England at different "Virtually Acoustic" shows in London.

Ending 2004 by reaching the last round at a Live Musical Competition on Baker street. Voted by a Jury of people from the British music industry. André won the contest and got the opportunity to tour in New York, Washington and Barcelona in 2005.

2005 was spent touring as a Singer-Songwriter and noticing an increased interest in British poems from the Romantic Era.

In 2005 Norman Wall, brought Andrés attention to some poems written during the 18-1900- Century. Written by such poets as Wordsworth, Lord Byron, W.E Henley and Cristina Rosetti, "Invictus " by W.E Henley soon became a favourite for both father and son. In a matter of weeks, André Wall had composed over twenty new melodies arranged together with as many poems. Leaving him with a very original and special new material of songs.

The first Invictus-album ”Out of the Night”, has a very organic and at times Celtic sound.  The songs are sung or recited by André &Norman, acommpanied by André playing Grand piano, Acoustic&Electric guitar and Harmonica. The album also include a variety of classically trained musicians playing Celtic-sounding Cello, Violin and Double Bass. 

The album soon achieved appreciation. Especially from the british listeners, who in reviews wrote that, the band brought those great old poems back to life.

The band name was taken in honour of the great poem by Henley. Invictus recorded the album "Out of the Night" 2007-2009. And have been performing in Sweden and Britain reguarly since 2005. "Out Of the Night" was released in May 2010 by the Label ”Little One Creations” (C) & (P) and Record company DFR. and contains 15 songs. The genre is Folkrock, World Music, Spoken Word and Chanson.

André had long been a visitor of Spain, and decided to move there in 2006. To get a chance to study the Catalan culture, music-tradition and enjoy Gaudi´s beautiful and prolific architecture. Living near Arc-Di Triumf, he quickly got into the way of living, and started to write Day-to-day Journals. Those diaries became the foundation on a bunch of songs he wrote in his flat on Classical-Guitar. The Catalan music-scene had a good influencial effect on his songwriting, which is most evidently heard on ”Catalan Theme”, ”Mi Corazón” and ”Barcelona”. The many compositions resulted in the successful and Critically acclaimed album, ”Barcelona Diaries”(2009) and the Chart-topping single

”Catalan Theme”(2009).

The next release was the single ”Lucy”(2010).

The song reached the number 1 spot on (SNL) Swedish Radio Charts, in Juli and stayed there for 7 weeks. The Genre was European pop or Dance music.. Not similar to anything AW has released before. The Single got a lot of Downloads and was played by many stations 4-5 times a day. It did really well on the Westcoats and in South of Sweden.

The album and singles-success manifested in a tour around Sweden and at the end of the summer a Mini-Tour in New York. Playing in Harlem and performing in Greenwich Village again for the first time since 2005.

New York being his favourite place in the world, and especially Manhattan, André cherized every moment and walked past the ”Dakota Building” on 72 Street

(John Lennon´s final home), every day during his 2 week stay.

Thankful to the IFPI&The Grammy Jury for the Nomination& Honoury Participation Invitations. Wall has Proudly attended

The Swedish Grammy Music Awards in 2010, 2012- 2015 and 2017

In 2012, André and Norman were assigned to write and record a song i honour of and about the celebrated Queen Elizabeth II. Norman Wall wrote the lyrics and André Wall composed the music.

It was named ”Petal Pie Song”, and released  on June 1st, to honour Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II, by celebrating her Diamond Jubilee as Queen. The album was given, to His Royal Highness Prince Charles, during his visit at the British Embassy in Stockholm in late March 2012.

André Wall and Norman Wall were officially invited to perform the song at the British Ambassadors Residence on November 11th 2012 by his Excellency the British Ambassador Paul Johnston. They performed the song acoustically, with André playing the large Grand Piano and singing, while Norman sang and Narrated.

The performance was very well received. And it was a proud moment for both father and son. A thrill, performing next to a big original handmade Portrait of King George V.

The evening was hosted by his Excellency the British Ambassador Paul Johnston. It was spent in honour of and taking part in an historical occasion in the celebration of the longest ruling monarch on time. Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II.

The event had an impressive vast selection of guests.


In September 2013 the single ”This Child” was released

and the influences musically were Americana, Celtic Folk Rock and Chanson. The single contained 2 tracks, and the second track ”Into the Night” became a commercial success and on demand for use in commercials and Radio-play in USA. So the single was released again for the US-Market only. "Into the Night” is A.W most successful song up to date, together with ”Catalan Theme”. André spent 2013-2014 promoting the single and performing at Acoustic Venues and Showcases in Europe. André also Produced his father Norman Wall´s debut-album ”Dreams in the Moonlight”(2013).         The album contains an eclectic mix of Jazz, Chanson, Celtic Folk Music and Spoken Word/World Music. The album was well received in France, where it made the Top 40 album charts. Normans Crooning-style voice together with Chanson influenced pianoballads made a perfect match. ”The House Were I Was Born” and ”Drift Away” being Andrés favourites.

During 2013-2014 Norman and André also found time to record songs for their third Invictus-album ”Love for the Dead”. The title taken from the Wordsworth poem.

The album contains poems from William Wordsworth and Percy Bysshe Shelley. The album was released Globally on March 31st 2014. It was difficult to pick songs, since André had composed over 70 songs based on Poems from the Romantic Era. And Norman had started to compose himself. The song ”So We Will Go No More A-Roving” was composed by both Norman and André,(Will be on the next album), and the beautiful ”Days Gone By” was Composed & Written by Norman himself. The Apple doesn´t fall far from the Tree...

The album contains an eclectic combination of Punk-Rock, Jazz, Chanson, Latin-Pop, Folk Rock, Americana, and 50s style ballads..

During the Spring of 2019, André Wall was asked to write an Offical school-song for the Swedish Collage "Västerås Citygymnasium". Musically it was wished that the genre would be aimed at the students attending the school.

AW happily accepted the task, and wrote "Vår framtid". 

Singing in swedish for the first time on a released song.

The genres were Trance, Modern Pop and Rap. "Vår framtid" was recorded in a Great studio in Västerås and was produced

by André Wall & Ghostship. Ghostship also rap on the song.

The song was played on Graduation Day at the Collage, and the response was great.

A great honour for AW to have made the first official School-song in his hometown and probably the first in Sweden. The song is very original, in the way, that it is written about the school, students and principal in the lyrics, while still being a catchy pop tune.

 A Two-track Single was Recorded and Mixed in the studio Helter Skelter, during 5 days, August 18-23 2019 in Kungsholmen, in the centre of Stockholm. The studio was selected for its Vintage sound

and perfect for AW´s comeback after 4 years in the Recording-Studio making a Solo EP. AW played Acoustic & Electric Guitars,

Piano, Electric Piano. Arranged A score for Violin and Cello. Both giving Wall an Beatelesq sound in the bottom of the albums 70s soundscape. No new effects were used and many first takes on Vocals or Guitar were indeed used. Wall joined great musicians on drums and bass and recieved excellent backing vocals, from

Biggan Anderzon, a friend and experienced Country and Western-singer in her own right.

Biggan Anderzon has sung on every recorded Wall-album since 2019. This new sound is the outcome of a 20 year old long career as a popartist. Nowadays Wall records and Produce a different genre for every new single or album he releases and that will continue.


Somewhat of a comeback album... The songs were carefully selected and was an aim to capture that 70s Folkrock sound.

All songs werecarefully Produced Vintage style, without Autotune or any programs related to the Pop-Industry.

Nearly every first take on Vocals and Guitar was used. AW used his vintage Martin 000-15 Mahogony from 1984. Excellent sound that had such a rich sound from let go, that AW and the Tecnician didn´tuse any sound enhancing programs. The sound of the album had now manifested itself with a big nod to Root-Music. Several hours were spent finding a great Drumbeat and Drumsound. AW wanted it to sound like the 70s Folrock albums that The Band, Springsteen or even Lennon made on Mind Games and Walls and Bridges. 

The album did well in general without a long PR Tour, but found an broad audiance in The States , Malta, Greece, United Kingdom and France. The second song contained a Poem by Lord Byron i the 1800-century during the Romantic Era. Loed Byron is still revered as a hero in Greeze, Italy and Malta, as well as the UK and the North states of USA. His legacy is enourmous, and that probably helped the songs get Radioplay. AW is only happy that he can help spread poems he loves and more than ever have a place in todays world. 

Wall altered and arranged the Byron-poem "We will Go No More A-Roving", and the result was So We Will Go No More A-Roving sung to a catchy Chanson- Folkoriented ballad with a nice string--arrangement that makes the chorus a delight and definetly great music worthy of the poem, which has been a favourite for both father Norman Wall and AW. He actually wrote the song in 2013 after his father gave him the poem and asked him to write a melancolic tune for it.. Have a listen and enjoy.

In September 2019, AW booked the studio in Kungsholmen once morealthough Västerås has got several studios that are up to date and well taken care of. But AW was now searchin for a Bossa nova sound that included 4 keychanges in 3 minutes. He also used a great variety of Diminished Jazz-chords and managed to create a catchy tune which is the most urban and ecclecticsound he has evercreated or performed before. The song still sounds fresh and innovative and new. And a nightmare to learn how to play with more than 18 chords. AW- Underneath all the blue-notes there is a very vibrant Irish Folkmusic fairytale that must have taken a while to write. AW - Yes  I started writing that song in 2014 and could never find a nice ending to it. I used all the Jazz and Chanson I newfrom when I Produced my fathers Chanson-Jazz Album in 2013. As the years went by the song started to take form as a well-arranged Jazz/Chanson song ment to be performed at Jazzclubs. Thats why empizised the the great Folmusic-melody wich is the songs core. The diminished chords and the Chanson arrangment on acoustic guitar had to be changed, so I played 4 Electric Guitarsleaving the Acoustic instruments out of the session. And thefinal result became an Acid-related popsong with many layers and the mandatory keychanges before every chorus in the song. And It has 4. If you include the Guitarsolo, which I chose to play myself. I didnt want a fancy guitarsolo for this song so I came up with a Motif which worked surprisingly well, so I used a bit of it in the choruses as well. I cant say if it is a Great song, but Im very pleased that I made it. And I haven´t recieved so many accolades for a song since Catalan Theme 11 years before.

Solo single "The Time Master" , was out during the spring of 2020

It had a great first year and it is still getting heavy rotation on various Playlists around the globe. It has been labelled as

Bossa nova by some reviews and Psychedelic Folk by others.

It sure is a complex song with many Key-Changes and Jazz-Chords 

And time has shown that the song was a big leap musicwise for the composer and Multi-Instrumentalist Mr Wall.

 "Tired Of The Game" released on the 1st of September 2020 and went of like a skyrocket. The Traditional -Rock and Punkrockgenre seemed to be what Wall´s Fans had been waiting for..

The song is very catchy and use the same laidback Drum sound as Britrock did during the 90s, with electric guitars playing simple yet effective chords and then slide in to a Led Zeepelin-oriented stick before the last chorus. This song became a success and is Walls fastest selling song ever. His most well.recieved too.. If the world wasn´t in such a bade state because of the world Pandemic, this song could have became a hit in both United Kingdom and the States. Time will tell and Wall is ready to tour in 2022 if the disiese has been overcome and people can live normal lives again.  I have taken a hiatus becouse of the cicumstances and haven´t played live since 2018-2019. Lets hope for the best and remember to take care  of eachother. I´ll Be Back

XXX        A.W

André Wall and Invictus 2002-2020