ANDRÉ WALL                         







 Award Winning Songwriter 

 6 Albums & 7 Solo-Singles 2002-2020

Founder & Composer of Greatly Awarded INVICTUS 


In Praise of the 19th Century Poets: Percy Shelley, Lord Byron, Henley, Kingsley

Those lovely Poems certainly are a reason for the success. His goal is to widen their reach through the songs.

 Listeners & Fans in 102 countries worldwide=)



1 : England´s Greenest Hills

Words&Music by A.Wall

2 : We Will Go No More A-Roving -     Invictus, André Wall

     Words&Music: Byron-A.Wall

VLT.SE, great musicloving newspaper, made a list of the biggest Artist/Bands in 2020.

I´m happy to be No 12, considering, I´m Top 5 in my genre alongside  Eurovision Songcontest winner, Loreen and other Gold&Platina selling Artists. I´m happy to ´ve released 11 Albums and Singles since 2002.

With Labels  Dead Frog Music.Musichelp and Amuse . Published by LOC (c) (p). Giving me my greatest succes & sales in USA (2 Tours) and UK, eastern and South of EU, especially grateful to Latin America. I always keep them in mind, Writing bossa nova and catalan folkmusic, rock, chanson, jazz and folkrock.

Surprisingly 1 place above the really influetial Swedish Rocker& musical treasure, Pugh Rogerfeldt. 

And this year Inducted to The Swedish Hall of Fame.    Well deserved

A great inspiration for and strong force behind Swedish rock music, since the 1970s. 

Dad & I have been greatly awarded for the important sideproject. British Folk Duo INVICTUS.

Most successful band ever with that bandname. . A 1900th century poem, spreading mission, which has led us to play for many Royals and interesting people loving the Poems, like we do and therefor having great support from the societies in Britain and our worldwide supporters, I´ve composed music for 150 Poems fom the Romantic era and the 20th century poets from Great Britain.

I have composed mostly celtic folkmusic, folk, classical tunes and folkrock to make these great poems more excessible for the world.  The massive appreciation my father, Narrator & Singer Norman Wall and I have recieved easily makes this, my most rewarding musical project  in my life. I will carry the torch of spreading british poetry til my last breath, hopefully many more albums been released by then. When the

The Great Nelson Mandela died, they played my classial & celtic recorded, composed version of his dearest Poem ; Invictus, in several countries. A brilliant Poem with a fitting musical score and narration.

Invictus is entirily British and therfor not eligeble for the VLT list.   

                    Hi Dear friends, this is my Family Crest


The origins of the Tyrrell surname date back to the time of the Anglo-Saxon tribes of Britain.

The surname Tyrrell was first found in Essex where one of the first records of the name is Walter Tirel III, (1065-c. 1100), Castellan of Pontoise and Lord of Poix, son of Walter Tirell II

He is remembered for his involvement in the death of King William II of England, on a hunting trip in the New Forest in 1100. It was an accident. Walter shot an arrow at a stag which glanced from the beast and struck King William II,

Accordingly to chroniclers of the time, Tyrrell&The King parted at the beginning of the hunt on good terms as friends, but the king was later found with one of the arrows given to Walter Tyrrell by the king in his chest. There is a stone in the Forest at Stoney Cross, marking the spot where the King tragically fell.

The Tyrrell Migration:

Some of the first settlers of this name were:

       William Tyrrell, who migrated to Virginia in 1667

       Michael Tyrrell, who migrated to America in 1739

       James Tyrrell, who moved to Canada in 1827

 Tyrrell achievments making history in recent years around the Globe

      Sir Murray Louis Tyrrell KCVO, CBE (1913-1994), General of Australia from 1947 to 1973 

Professor Robert Yelverton Tyrrell (1844-1914), Irish classical scholar and poet

Swedish-British Songwriter and Artist André Alexander Tyrrell Wall (1978-)

Producer of 14 Albums&Singles and Solo-Artist on 11 Albums & Singles reaching 102 Countries between 2002-2021, earning recognition and success as a widely spread Composer 

Former proffessional Tennisplayer on the ATP-Tour and Mens Grand Slam Circuit 1995-2000

Playing Wimbledon at the age of 16, still one of the youngest competitors ever. Losing

to Worldnumber 1 in Doubles Daniel Nestor, now the most succesful Doublesplayer ever.

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