Award Winning Songwriter 

 6 Albums & 7 Solo-Singles 2002-2020

Founder & Composer of Greatly Awarded INVICTUS 


In Praise of the 19th Century Poets: Percy Shelley, Lord Byron, William E Henley, 

Those lovely Poems certainly are a reason for the success. 

 Listeners & Fans in 103 countries worldwide


 1. England´s Greenest Hills     Written & Composed by A. Wall



 2. We Will Go No More A-Roving    (Invictus & A.W


                  Written by Lord Byron and Arranged by André Wall 


Composed by A.Wall

Album Produced by André Wall

Little One Creations (C) & (P) 2019

VLT.SE, great musicloving newspaper, made a list of the biggest Artist/Bands in 2020.

I´m happy to be No 12, considering, I´m Top 5 in my genre alongside  Eurovision Songcontest winner, Loreen and other well selling Artists.

Dad & I have been greatly awarded for our  important project, the british duo INVICTUS.

Most successful band ever with that bandname. Read more in the INVCTUS-Section 

Invictus is entirily British and therfor not eligeble for the VLT list.   

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If you push the Youtube-Loggo,  you will get to my channel on YT. Some nice Fan organized it all. It gives you free access to listen to all my Solo-recordings.

All the INVICTUS songs are there too, but not orginized yet. Just search for the song you want to hear =) And it will be there.. 3 of my albums disappeared for a few months but are now back, but all the song start from Zero..

80 000 listenings gone with the wind..

Thanks to my new Label -The Orchard, all albums were re-uploaded .. They are a Sub-Company to Sony USA.. Catalan Theme has and is doing well.. 

All songs back now so take a listen. 

Cheers & Take Care   AW xxx


From the Album Barcelona Diaries

Little One Creations (C) & (P) 2009

Composed by: André Wall  

Lyrics by: André Wall

Album Produced by André Wall

2Released 16/12-2009