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I´m busy talking to myself about myself, as usual


- Thomas Shelby- OBE

The PeakyBlinders











FAVOURITE GROUPS: The Beatles, Simon&Garfunkel, Cream


FAVOURITE ARTISTS: John Lennon, Eric Clapton, Leonard Cohen


FAVOURITE TOWNS: New York, Barcelona, London, Rome


FAV-MALE VOCALISTS: Nat King Cole, John Lennon, Elvis


FEMALE VOCALIST: Nina Simone, Neko Case, Dolores O´Riordan (RIP)


FAV. LYRICISTS: Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan & John Lennon


FAVOURITE POETS: Lord Byron, William Wordsworth, L. Cohen


FAVOURITE PHILOSOPHERS: Sokrates/Plato, Soren Kierkegaard, Dante


FAVOURITE FILMS: The Omen I, True Romance, Limitless

FAVOURITE ACTOR: Marlon Brando, Sean Connery & Heath Ledger


BEST STAGE ACTOR: Richard Burton


BEST NARRATOR: Richard Burton, Norman Wall, Morgan Freeman


FAVOURITE ACTRESS: Emmanuele Seigner, Elizabeth Taylor


INSPIRING PEOPLE: Robert F Kennedy, Dr Martin Luther King ,John F Kennedy


FAVOURITE GUITAR: Martin OM-42 & Fender Telecaster


GENIUS: Nikola Tesla


FAVOURITE SONGS: Scarborough Fair, Changing of the Guards,

Lamour est bleu, Layla, Take This Waltz





FAVORITE PAINTING: ”The Scream” (1893) by Edvard Munch


FAVOURITE PAINTER: Salvador Dalí, Edvard Munch, Da Vinci


FAVOURITE WRITER: George Orwell, Machiavelli, Plato Writings


BEST GUITARIST: Eric ”God” Clapton









Favourite Concert: On November 16th, 2012 on British ground at The British Ambassadors Residence in Diplomatstaden. When my father and I, were officially invited to perform songs

from our album, Petal Pie Song, which we specially wrote to celebrate H.M Queen Elizabeth II. The song reminisced about her long and interesting life with her husband H.R.H Prince Philip. The album had been given to H.R.H Prince Charles at the British Embassy, in Stockholm during his visit in March. And both my father and I were verified that our Songs had been well received by the H.M the Queen.

And that is probably why the british Ambassador Paul Johnston invited us, to play the songs once more. They had prepared a Large Grand Piano, with the Union Jack swept over one side of the Grand Piano. They had placed me right under an original Portrait of King George V, in a 1,5 meter golden frame. There were about 50 people there, all with strong ties to Britain and to the british Royals. Since nearly all of the european Royalties are decendends from Queen Victoria (1819-1901), like our swedish King H.M Carl XVI Gustav.


We performed for 20 minutes, and it went well. We managed to play 6-7 songs and 3-4 instrumental short versions.

I had arranged instrumental Classical Pianoparts with the melodies of our songs from our first album, which I played as an Intro then smoothly changing keys to start our planned song, or more preferably in the Coda. Where both time and space were on my side, I could finish after going through 1-2 instrumental song parts.

And so there we were, on british ground, and in that beautiful house,

I was amazed as usual, by all the paintings of Kings and Queens, that I knew so well from the history books.

We played Petal Pie Song first.. To the audiences delight.

The concert was a success, and dad and I were pleased.. We were given flowers after the show, and the British Ambassador both introduced us and held a speech afterwards. He was very kind and his compliments sounded real. He was a great Host.


















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